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Database Tutorials

This LibGuide contains step by step instructions for majority of research databases available in the Wolfgram collection.

Qualtrics Header

Qualtrics is a Survey and market research tool. It allows users to create survey instruments to track consumer behavior across diverse segments, benchmark your company versus competitors, conduct complex academic research, advertising and product testing and so much more.

Navigate to Qualtrics: 

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Creating a Qualtrics Account

 Qualtrics sign-up image

  1. Go to
  2. From the login page, click on Don’t have an account?
  3. Then enter a Valid Widener Email address.  Note: An access code is not required.
  4. Qualtrics will automatically send an email to your Widener Email account, with the following message "Hello,Thanks for registering with Qualtrics!  Please confirm your registration by verifying your email address."
  5. Click on Verify my Email.
  6. Finally, complete the enrollment form that appears.  Note that your username will be your Widener Email address.  Create a password that you will remember and select Create account.

Qualitrics create an account image including widener email, first and last name, and password                                       


Creating a Survey

1. Once you have logged into Qualtrics, click on the Create a New Project button.


The Qulatrics Homescreen with the words Start a new Porject circled in red *Notice that the home screen will list recently viewed surveys that you have created.


2. On the next screen, under Create a project, click on Survey.

The Screen shot shows Create a project, with from scratch under it  and then the word Survey, with a clipboard icon is circled in red.








3. On the next screen, click on the Get Started Button.



4. The next screen gives you the opportunity to name your project and decide how to start your survey. Name your project and use the default: Create a blank survey project. Then select Create project.

Create a new project screen identifies the porject as a survey and the example name is Petr Preferences.Then create project is circled in red.

5. The next screen gives you the opportunity to start creating questions. To create additional questions, click on the Add new question link. Make note of the ExpertReview score which rates the useability of your survey. The current score is Great, but click on the button to learn how to improve it.

Pet Preferences Survey with one sample question -- What is your favorite pet? and three anwer options: Dog, cat, Lizard. A red circle surrounds +Add new question and a square highlights ExpertReview score with a lightbulb icon.

6. Click on the ExpertReview score great buttom with a lightbulb icon button to view more information about survey useablity.

The ExpertReview screen

Features of the ExpertReview:

  • First it will repeat the rating, in the case Great appears on the top. On the left side it will indicate any problems with survey questions and include numbers relating to the following:
    • Severe
    • Moderate
    • Minor
    • Suggestion
    • Passed

Qualtrics Tips & Tricks

Qualtrics Support

NOTE: Qualtrics users seeking phone support will be required to login to their Support Portal in order to connect with Qualtrics Support. 

Follow these steps to get to a support representative:

  1. Click on Help IconHelp icon at the top right hand side of the screen.XM Support menu with a red circle around hte question makr help icon and a red box around the Contact Support Link.
  2. When you do this, a drop-down menu appears
    • The drop-down menu shows the many options for support:
      • homepage overview
      • shared project
      • survey platform
      • projects
      • folders
      • create a project
  3. Click on the Contact Support link, notice that it states that support is offered through chat, phone or email
  4. It will bring you back to the Qualtrics Login page and ask you to log in again with your Qualtrics username and password.
  5. The support Portal page welcomes you and lists your credentials, click on Request Technical Support.
  6. Select the Survey Platform tile: Tile that states Survey Platform and has an icon of a clipboard
  7. Once you have selected this, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see the contact options:
    • Live Chat - Chat with a support specialist and solve issues in read time. Fastest Response Time.
    • Phone Call - Talk on the phone with a support specialist and screen share upon request. Typical response time <10 minutes.
    • Email - Submit a ticket and a support specialist will get back to you within 1 business day.

3 clickable tiles offer you to request support through Live Chat, Phone Call or Email.

8. Each of these options requires you to fill out a form before interacting with support, but the wait time is usually minimal.