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Database Tutorials

This LibGuide contains step by step instructions for majority of research databases available in the Wolfgram collection.

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790.

Types of Sources include:

  • Federal and State Cases
  • Federal and State Legislation
  • Articles from Regional, National and International Newspapers and Sources
  • Articles from Law Reviews and Journals
  • Company Profiles

Navigate to the Nexis Uni Database

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NOTE: To access this and other subscription databases from off campus, you will be asked to enter your Widener username and password.

Setting up the Search

Initial Search Screen

Nexis Uni Initial Search Screen

  • The initial search screen appears quite limited.
  • To select the specific type of source you want, immediately click on the All Nexis Uni link to get the Content Collections Search Screen.

Content Collections Search Screen

Content Collections Search Screen with red boxes around All Nexis Uni and the content collections

  • This Search Screen provides the options of easily searching for News, Cases, Statutes and Legislation, among others, on a specific topic.

Types of Searches

By selecting cases, you can search for State, Federal and Supreme Court cases.  The results will identify what court decided the case.

  • Search for "Lawrence v. Texas" and make sure to put quotation marks around the party names.
  • When you select Cases, the word automatically appears to the left of the search box and Narrow by Cases also appears.

Search Screen with the words Lawrence v. Texas in the search box and a red square around the word cases with a red arrow pointing to the word cases above it.


  • The search produced 1,248 cases with these party names.

Results showing threecases with a red box highlighting the words describing the types of courts and dates and a red box highlighting the Preview link

Features of the Full Record:

  • The full record for each case shows the court where the case was decided and the date, an Overview and some text with the search terms highlighted.
  • These results list cases from the U.S. Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of the U.S. and the Court of Appeals of New York.


  • Click on the preview link for #2 to obtain a snapshot of this case's full document without leaving the search:

The Preview of the Supreme Court Case Lawarence v. Texas

The Preview provides the most important information about this Supreme Court Case including the dates argued and decided parties, decision and links to other related cases explaining the prior history.

Full Case Document:

  • Click on the title of #2 to obtain the full document, which listscases the influenced the case, with links to the previous cases as well as the full arguments.  The record also shows options to download, print and share.

With cases still selected, search for the keywords LGBT and Rights:

Search Results for this search with red boxes highlighting the amount of cases and the tiimeline.

  • The search produced 629 cases with these keywords.
  • Again, full record for each case shows the court where the case was decided and the date, an Overview and some text with the search terms highlighted.
  • The Timeline display 1999-2020,  which can be adjusted, indicates that courts have argued cases with these terms since 1999.  (If the search terms were LGBTQ and Rights, the timeline starts in 2008 as this is a newer term.  (Therefore, the timeline display indicates when the courts stared discussing different topics.)

By selecting Statutes and Legislation you can search for State and Federal Legislation.  The results will identify the type of legislation and you can limit to the Jurisdiction later. Federal and state legislation and statues are identified by numbers are codes.  Uness you knwo the exact numbers, use keywords.

  • Search for the terms Wildlife and Sanctuaries
  • When you select Statutes and Legislation the words automatically appear to the left of the search box and Narrow Statutes and Legislation also appears.

The seach screen with a red box highlighting Statutes and Legislation and an arrovw pointing to the terms.


This shows three pieces of legislation with red boxes highlighting the states and a red box highlighting the word Jurisdiction

  • The search produced over 6,00 results results.  The results shown are codes from Michigan and Massachusetts. 
  • Narrow by the Jurisdiction first and then the category of legislation.  The Juridiction will determine the category that you can select. 

Refined Results:

  • Select Bill Text and then Pennsylvania

Results for this serach have a box highlighting the words Bill Text and Pennsylvania, under Narrow by and showing the number 37 as the number of search results.

  • By narrowing to Bill Text and Pennsylvania, the search is reduced to 37 relevant PA bills that include these terms in the text.
  • Note: Amended bills include the emendations in the text.

Nexis Uni provides useful coverage about legislation from a variety of general and legal news sources.

  • Search for "Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019."
  • When you select News and Legal News both choices automatically appear to the left of the search box and after Narrow by.  Results will come from both sources.

Shows the search srcreen with this legislation with red boxes highlighting the options News and Legal News and arrows pointing to these terns above.


Results of this search with a red boz=x highlighting the Publication Type options.

  • The search produced 685 results published in a variety of print and web media publication types, including:
    • Newswires and Press Releases
    • Web Based Publications
    • Blogs
    • Newspapers
  • Click on one of these publication types to narrow further. Ex: Limiting to Newspapers results in 25 articles from news sources across the country.

By selecting Company and Financial, you can find company profiles, reports and other information about companies of all types.

  • Search for Amazon.
  • When you select Company and Financial the choice automatically appears to the left of the search box and after Narrow by. 

Search screen with a red box highlighting the Company and Financial and an arrow pointing to the term after Narrow by.


Results from the search with a red box around the amount of results and the categories of documents available,.

  • The search produced over 10,000 results, which makes sense for this large multinational company.  This number demonstrates the breath of company information available in this database. 
  • Notice the categories of documents available, including:
    • Company Profiles
    • SEC Filings
    • Analyst Reports
  • Narrow by clicking on a document category, a Subject and adding specific terms in the Search Within Results box.