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Database Tutorials

This LibGuide contains step by step instructions for majority of research databases available in the Wolfgram collection.

Adam Matthew Digital


This shows the tile images for three collections: Migration to New Worlds, Race Relations in American and Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice

About This Database

Adam Matthew Digital provides access to full text primary sources from over 60 collections spanning the 15th – 21st centuries.  It includes award-winning digital resources representing history, social sciences, film, literature, politics, gender and other themes.  The primary sources include documents, pamphlets, artwork, newspapers, correspondence, books, magazines and video.  All of this is full-text searchable and the database offers the ability to download any textual documents as PDFs.

Navigate to Adam Matthew Digital

Searching Individual Collections

  • Always click on the  Introduction and Nature and Scope to learn what exactly the collection includes.
  • Each collection also offers the opportunity to search via keyword or phrase (always put phrases in "quotation marks".

Example: American History, 1493-1945

From the homepage, click on a tile of a collection that you want to search:

Each collection is formatted differently, features different options and includes different kinds of Tile stating "American History - 1493-1945" with a picture of revolutionrary soldies.documents.

Each Collection also provides Quick Links.  By clicking on these, you will learn more about the collection and access the most important resources available:

Finally, each collection features a search box that allows you to search for any keyword or phrase (always put phrases in "quotation marks").

If you search for "Woman's Suffrage" you obtain 13 results:

Results List: The results list shows a picture of the item, its title, the date and the document type:


  • Click on Why women do not want the vote and you see pages of this book, published from 1885-1903.  The database identifies where your search terms appear in several ways:
    •  It states --  Showing 25 full text result(s) in this document for "woman's suffrage" - 84 hit(s).
    • It shows the pages with those including the term highlighted with a red box.
    • This image shows thumbnails the cover and 6 pages of a book, with two pages highlighted with red boxes.
  • The database provides an icon stating: Download the entire document as a PDF.
  • Or, you can select any page, or range of pages, and download those as PDFs.
  • If you click on the first page highlighted in red, you obtain a statement from the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women that explains the aims of the association.


Searching Across Collections

You can also search across all 63 collections by including a keyword or phrase (always put "quotation marks" around phrases) into the main search box:

The main search box with the term "Pandemic of 1918"



  • Search for the term, ex: "Pandemic of 1981" by itself or limit your search by selecting relevant Themes, Time Periods and Regions.
    • For this search I limited to the Themes  -- Cultural Studies, History and War and Conflict -- and the Time Period --  20th & 21st Century.


The results feature a thumbnail of the document, the date and the collection where the document is found.

Lists 5 thumbnails with the title, date and collection for each thumbnail.

The thumbnail of the document with a link to View Document that opens the document in the appropriate collection as a list of metadata for the document.

  • When you click on View Document you obtain the document within the structure of its original collection, in this case the Medical Services and Warfare Collection.
  • Here you will have the viewing and downloading options that are in each unique collection.