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Database Tutorials

This LibGuide contains step by step instructions for majority of research databases available in the Wolfgram collection.

About the Compendex Database

A comprehensive engineering platform, contains journals, conference proceedings, dissertations, trade magazines, technical reports, and engineering information ideal for supporting the varying engineering research initiatives.

Search & Retrieval Features

  • Search a single database or across multiple databases simultaneously (with deduplication)
  • Choose Quick or Expert Search options, both of which allow you to save and combine searches
  • Refine results by search codes, document type, year, author/inventor, affiliation or assignee, controlled term, language, treatment type, IPC code & more
  • Group results according to data facets to prioritize and eliminate the need to filter through long lists of results
  • Link to full-text articles and other library resources using CrossRef and other services


The thesaurus on Engineering Village comprises the controlled vocabulary used to index articles in the Compendex database.  Controlled vocabulary is used to standardize the way articles are indexed, enabling consistent and precise search and retrieval.

Mapping Tool

Engineering Village's mapping tool uses Google map technology to plot geographical locations from GeoRef and GEOBASE search results on a digital map, giving further insight into the geographical context of results. More information.

Ask an Expert

Get answers to "how-to" questions through our Ask an Expert service, which has been customized for your institution. You can easily reach out to Engineers, your Librarian or one of our Product Specialists. You'll find this useful link in the navigation bar at the top of every Engineering Village page.  

Navigate to the Compendex | Engineering Village

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Search Compendex Database within the Engineering Village platform

  1. Choose the type of search you would like conduct, author, title, all field, etc. [Note: All fields = Keyword]
  2. Enter your search terms / keywords (To search for a phrase, put the words into quotation marks).
  3. Limit your search by document type, treatment type, language and specify a date range.
  4. Click "Search"

Compendex search screen


Stemming determines the suffixes of words and allows you to search for the term as entered, the root word, and other words formed with other possible suffixes. For example, if you enter the term controllers, you get results for the following:

  • controllers
  • control
  • controlling
  • controlled
  • controls

With Autostemming enabled (the default setting), there is no need to search for all the variations of the terms in your search query as they are automatically provided in the results. To disable this feature, and receive only results for the exact search term you have entered, check the box prior to searching.

Results List

The results list gives you the number of records retrieved for your search terms.  The list is sorted by relevance by default, but you can change that to sort the results by Date, Source, Author, or Publisher.

Compendex Results List

The results list also provides the bibliographic information (item title, authors, source information, etc.) as well as links for finding the full text of the item from the Widener Library Catalog and Full Text Finder.

Compendex results list with links to library catalog and Full Text Finder highlighted


Full Text Article Details

When you click on the title of an item in the results list, you are taken to the full text of the item.  In the full record, you have an abstract for the item, as well as metrics showing how th items is being used by researchers in the field, and other related items that are similar to the item you are currently examining.

Full record for an item in Compendex