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SAGE knowledge is a social sciences digital library that contains over 5,100 titles of prestigious, scholarly books, reference works, handbooks, series, and professional development titles making it the ultimate social sciences digital resource. SAGE knowledge has titles in the following subject areas:

  • Business & Management
  • Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Geography, Earth, & Environmental Science
  • Health & Social Care
  • Media, Communication & Cultural Studies
  • Politics & International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

NOTE: We have access to SAGE books, CQ Press, SAGE reference, and SAGE navigator. We DO NOT have access to SAGE video or business cases. 

Search Tips

Search Homepage

There are several ways to search in SAGE knowledge:

  1. In the search box or using Advanced Search link, you can search all of SAGE knowledge in one easy keyword search.
  2. You can search within a SAGE collection by clicking on SAGE Books (for ebooks), CQ Press (for resources in American government, politics, history, pubic policy & current affairs), SAGE Reference (for encyclopedias & handbooks in the social and behavior sciences), or SAGE Navigator (for social sciences literature review tool). NOTE: we do not have access to SAGE videos or business cases.
  3. You can use the navigation at the top of the page to filter a keyword search by selecting a discipline, and/or collection from the dropdowns. You can also use the Search all content dropdown to filter by resource type. Use the search box to conduct a keyword search. 

SAGE Knowledge search home page

Search Page Results

Within the search results notice the following:

  1. You can save the search or edit the search directly from the top of the page. You will also see how many results your search generated.
  2. Using the left navigation, you can filter your search by Content Type, Disciplines, Works and Sections, & Publication Date.
  3. Above the title of the work, the item type is indicated by the SAGE collection (Reference, Book) and the item type (handbook, book). In the item preview, you will also find the basic bibliography information, as well as the abstract. NOTE: If a title has a Lock Icon on the image, we do not have access to this title (this will appear on videos and business cases).

SAGE Knowledge search results page.

Item Detailed Record

Once you select the title you are interested in note the following:

  1. Listed under the title of the work is the bibliography information, which includes the clickable links of the Subjects associated with the work, and Keywords. You can use these to further your research.  
  2. Below, you will find the Summary, Contents, and Subject Index. In the Contents section, you will find the sections and chapters of the work. Click on a section/chapter to view and read the contents. 
  3. You can use the search bar on the right of the page to search within the work. You can also click on Cite to get the citation information and/or export the citation to RefWorks, Share the work via email or social media, adjust the Text Size, or click Get Link to get the permalink for this work. 

SAGE Knowledge detailed record of a book.

Section or Chapter 

Once you open a section or chapter to view or read, note the following:

  1. The chapter bibliography information is displayed, including linked Subjects and Keywords that can be used to further a search. 
  2. You can Download the PDF of the chapter/section, click on Cite for the citation information and/or export the citation to RefWorks, Share the chapter via email or social media, adjust the Text Size, and click Get Link for the permalink. Use the On this page to jump to the different sections within the chapter. 
  3. To adjust the view of the chapter/section, click on Show Page Numbers and or click on Full screen to make the chapter larger. 
  4. The chapter, chapter sections, charts/diagrams can all be viewed on this page. 
  5. Below the In this page section, you will find a link to the previous and next chapters/sections. Use this to easily navigate within the book.

SAGE Knowledge book chapter detailed record