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Drawing it Out: 1st International HIV/AIDS Cartoon Exhibition -- Fall 2011

"Drawing it Out: The 1st International HIV/AIDS Cartoon Exhibition was originally created by the Brazil Ministry of Health/National HIV/AIDS Program and the Memorial Institute of Graphic Arts to use the art of cartooning to reach the public with messages about HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and human rights. The exhibition featured 300 cartoons by graphic artists from 50 countries, including: Afghanistan, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Cuba, France, Israel, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay and the United States.

While often recognized as a reproductive health agency, the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region is also fully engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS within the context of sexual health and rights. In conjunction with the Brazil Ministry of Health and the UNAIDS, IPPF sponsored the exhibit's U.S. premiere as part of the programming for World AIDS Day 2006. The rich and diverse collection were grouped into the themes of prevention, treatment, and human rights, as part of an effort to promote awareness of and discussion on the global AIDS pandemic." --

A selection of postcards are below.  The complete collection can be viewed on the 4th floor of the Wolfgram Memorial Library.

Photo of the cover of the Drawing it Out brochure featuring a picture of the Thinker statue with a thought bubble with a condom inside it

postcard with a picture of a dessert island with 2 people on it and SOS written in the sand.  The O in SOS looks like a rolled up condom

a group of black and white children swimming in a river.  There are T shirts hanging on a tree.  Some have a plus sign on them, some have a minus sign on them

A postcard with three sombreos with feet sticking out from underneath.  The third sombrero has 2 sets of feet.

A postcard with elephants in a line holding tails in the trunks.  The trunks have condoms on them.

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