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The Erotic Art of Betty Dodson - 2015 - 2016

"Betty Dodson is an American sex educator. An artist by training, she exhibited erotic art in New York, before pioneering the pro-sex feminist movement, separate from mainstream feminism, which she sees as needlessly political and hostile towards males. Dodson’s workshops and manuals encourage women to masturbate, often in groups. Although bisexual herself, she repudiates the labels that define sexuality." 

In 2013, Betty Dodson was the keynote speaker at the Careers in Sexuality Conference, a student run conference held in the fall semester.

These prints were on loan to the Sexuality Archives from Widener's Center for Human Sexuality Studies.

A photo of charcoal sketch of a man and woman having intercourse along with two of Betty Dodson's books

The 2013 Careers in Sexuality Conference program with a picture and bio of Betty Dodson

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