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Streaming Video

Provides information on streaming video resources available through Widener University. has been producing training videos for therapists since 1995.  Unlike almost every other profession, students rarely have the chance to view their mentors or teachers practicing psychotherapy. The opportunity to view real sessions, and to hear leading experts discuss the thoughts behind their interventions is invaluable. Videos also capture the critical non-verbal aspects of therapy, including body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and the rhythm of the therapist-client interaction. 

Using the Player

Once you select a video from our video library it opens the video's page in the database.  This page consists of the video information, a viewing screen with video controls, a searchable transcript (in blue), and a side menu (in red).  This particular video has a manual associated with the content and that can be accessed in a new browser window by clicking the green button under the side menu.

The Searchable Transcript

This feature is one of the most powerful tools in the database.  The full transcript of each video can be viewed, downloaded, and printed using the buttons on the top right of the viewing window beneath the player.  The transcript can also be searched by keyword using the search bar on the top left of the viewing window.  You can scroll through the transcript and click on the intended dialogue to jump to that time in the video.

The Side Menu

There are three options for the side menu on the video page

  • Chapters: each video is separated in chapters, or related sections of the video.  The example above has three chapters.  Each of these are linked to a time code in the video.  Clicking the link in the side menu sets the video player to that time code.
  • Clips: offers the ability to create clips of their videos and save them to your account.  For more information about this and other advanced features, please refer to the User Guide.
  • Description: this option contains a full description of the events in the video and provides any additional information such as whether the video is part of a larger series.