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Streaming Video

Provides information on streaming video resources available through Widener University.

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, has over 10,000 courses in its library taught by hundreds of industry leaders and top instructors.  New courses are added constantly and include the fields of business, creative, and technology. Once you complete courses, you can add certificates to your LinkedIn account that prove your skills and build your professional brand.

Using the LinkedIn Learning Player

LinkedIn Learning has a video for everything, even learning how to use LinkedIn Learning!  The How to Use LinkedIn Learning course is an in-depth guide to all of the features of your LinkedIn Learning account.  The player has two parts: the viewer and the side menu.

The Viewer

The LinkedIn Learning viewer has video controls along the bottom of the browser window.  You can use these to play/pause the video, move forward and backward on the timeline, rewind 10 seconds, adjust playback speed, change volume, and use closed captions.  This is also where the settings can be changed.  

The Side Menu

The side menu has 5 tabs

  • Overview: includes a course description and instructor biography as well as metrics for who has liked and viewed the course.
  • Contents: the default setting for the side menu, the contents of a course are listed in chapters starting with an introduction.  Each chapter has multiple videos that can be viewed in sequence or on their own.
  • Q&A: this is a new feature that requires connecting your LinkedIn account to your LinkedIn Learning account.  More information about this can be found in the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course.
  • Transcripts: each video has a transcript.  Clicking on a word in the transcript will jump the video to that point on the timeline.
  • Notes: taking notes through the side menu attaches the note to the timeline of the video you're watching.

Recommended Courses

The LinkedIn Learning library offers a variety of courses.  Below are some that we recommend to help with your coursework and future career.


  • Speed Reading: offers multiple techniques to improve your reading speed and comprehension.
  • Time Management: provides an array of time management styles designed to improve productivity and effectiveness.
  • Teams & Collaboration: everyone has to participate in group projects in and out of class and work, these courses are designed to make this easier by demonstrating skills that will help you with project management and leadership.


  • Canvas: this is the learning management software used at Widener.  Your classes will have pages through Canvas that you will need to access.  These courses can help if you're confused.
  • Microsoft 365: your email, OneDrive, and other apps are part of Microsoft 365.  These courses will show you how to get the most out of these while you are a student at Widener.

Career Development:

Learn how to manage your career, from your first job search to moving up in your career to switching careers. Get the skills you need to grow your network, write a resume, interview, get a job, and get promoted.