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Streaming Video

Provides information on streaming video resources available through Widener University.

Using Clips with AVON

AVON offers two clip options to registered users.  You can register yourself for an account by following this link and using your Widener email address.  Once you have an account, you have access to clips that other users have made public and the ability to make your own clips. 


A clip is a small section of a video, album, or image which can be used to highlight a specific portion of the content. Clips are highly configurable. You can choose what to call your clip, how long to make it, and who to share it with in the clip making tool.

To create a detailed clip:

  1. Select the scissors icon in the bottom right of the toolbar.
  2. Give your clip a useful title.
  3. Indicate the start and stop times for the clip.
  4. Add some annotation or notes to give the clip some context.
  5. Indicate how widely you want this clip to be shared - just you, your class/group, your institution, or everyone.
  6. Hit save.


A bookmark is a quick way of marking your place in a video or album (like a bookmark in a book). When you create a bookmark, you are creating a clip with a starting point at your bookmark position and an end point at the end of the video. When you click the bookmark icon in the player, you'll see a message pop up confirming your bookmark has been saved with a default Bookmark name. You can then choose to modify your bookmark like any other clip, either when you create it or at a later date. You'll be able to access it via the Clips link in the main menu or on the video page.

To create a bookmark:

  1. Select the bookmark icon in the bottom right of the toolbar.
  2. This will open the clip editing options described above for clips, but with the start time set to the current video position and the title "Bookmark" followed by the video title.

Academic Video Online (AVON) is the most comprehensive video subscription available. It delivers more than 68,000 resources and more than 14,000 exclusive titles with more content being added daily.  AVON resources include documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs & newsreels, field recordings, commercials, demonstrations, & raw footage.  There are many award-winning films as well as the most frequently used films for classroom instruction.

Using the AVON Player

The AVON video player has two main components, the top menu (in yellow) and the bottom bar (in blue).  Using these tools will help you get as much information as possible about the videos that you may be viewing. 

The Bottom Bar

This portion of the player contains the video timeline that can be forwarded or reversed with your mouse.  It also contains the video controls for volume, play/pause, closed captions, and settings.  This bar can be expanded by clicking the round button above the play/pause controls to show information about other related videos.

The Top Bar

This menu has six options

  • Fullscreen: the default setting for this player, shows the video taking up the full screen of the browser.
  • Transcript: opens a side bar (in red) that contains the full transcript of the video you are watching and offers a search bar for finding specific information without viewing the entire video.
  • Details: provides the abstract and bibliographic information for the video in the side bar.
  • Clips: requires separate account with AVON and allows you to save clips of videos for later use.  The clips appear in the side bar.
  • Share: expands the bottom bar with embedding information for the video.
  • Cite: offers APA, Chicago, and MLA citation options - always double check citations provided by an outside source against the requirements to make sure that the citation is accurate.


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