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Streaming Video

Provides information on streaming video resources available through Widener University.

AVON Heading

Academic Video Online (AVON) is the most comprehensive video subscription available. It delivers more than 68,000 resources and more than 14,000 exclusive titles with more content being added daily.  AVON resources include documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs & newsreels, field recordings, commercials, demonstrations, & raw footage.  There are many award-winning films as well as the most frequently used films for classroom instruction.

Using the AVON Player

AVON player interface with side menu and player controls at the bottom

The AVON video player has two main components, the side menu and the player controls at the bottom.  Using these tools will help you get as much information as possible about the videos that you may be viewing. 

The Side Menu

This menu has three options

  • Transcript: opens a side bar that contains the full transcript of the video you are watching and offers a search bar for finding specific quotes without viewing the entire video.
  • Tracks: an option for longer videos where they have been divided into smaller sections for viewing in chunks.
  • Embed: provides URL that can be copied into HTML-based posts, like Canvas message boards, or the code for a fully embedded player.


The Player Controls

The bottom bar of the player contains the video timeline that can be forwarded or reversed with your mouse.  It also contains the video controls for volume, play/pause, closed captions, and settings.  

AVON Help Page