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Widener University Faculty Authors 2021 - 2022

Commonwealth Law School

Michal Buchhandler-Raphael

Photo of Amanda Sholtis• Buchhandler-Raphael, M. (2021, August 28). The scope and limits of the criminal regulation of sexuality, review of Stuart A. Green's book: Criminalizing sex: A unified liberal theory. [Review of the book Criminalizing Sex: A Unified Liberal Theory, by Stuart A. Green]. Criminal Justice Ethics, 40(2), 164-178.  

• Buchhandler-Raphael, M. (2022). Overmedicalization of domestic violence in the noncarceral state. Temple Law Review, 94(4), 589-648.  

• Buchhandler-Raphael, M. (2022). Underprosecution too. University of Richmond Law Review, 56(2), 409-490.  

John C. Dernbach

Photo of John Dernbach

• Dernbach, J. C. (2021). Introduction. In C. Pimentel & M. Rolim (Eds.), Caminhos jurídicos e regulatórios para a descarbonização no Brasil (pp. 19-24). Forum. 

• Dernbach, J. C. & DiMona, J. (2022, May 28). Here’s a policy playbook you can use to fight climate change. Sierra The Magazine of the Sierra Club.

• Dernbach, J. C., Gerow, J., & Gerrard, M. B. (2022). Legal pathways to deep decarbonization in the fields of land use and zoning. Zoning and Planning Law Reports NL, 45(2), 14-33.  

• Dernbach, J. C., Randol, C., Kury, F. L., Olson, J., & Hill, B. E. (2022). The constitutional right to save the environment. Environmental Law Reporter, 52(1), 10007-10017.  

Christian A. Johnson

Photo of Christian A. Johnson

• Johnson, C. A. (2021). A primer on netting legal opinions for master agreements. Future and Derivatives Law Report, 41(10), 1-15. 

Randy Lee

Photo of Randy Lee

• Lee, R. (2021). Robert Cover’s call to teaching and journey to Judaism. Touro Law Review, 37(4), 1745-1767. 

Juliet M. Moringiello

Juliet Moringiello• Moringiello, J. M. (2022). Automating repossession. Nevada Law Journal, 22(2), 563-614.