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Widener University Archives & Distinctive Collections

Student Life at PMC: Audio Excerpts and YouTube Videos

Explore student life at PMC through the memories of Alumni captured in these oral histories. The audio excerpts and YouTube videos provide a unique perspective of the institution from the students who attended rom the 1950s - 1970s.  The digital collection includes oral histories about The Boardwalk Bowl, Military Classes, Social Events, Polo, Pershing Rifles, celebrity visitors to campus and more.  Click below to listen to the audio excerpts and watch the YouTube Vidoes of these engaging oral histories.

Featured Video: Stories of Cadet Life

Living History Videos

In 1948, President Truman ended segregation in the Armed Forces, and in 1954, the Supreme Court banned school segregation. In response to these changes in society, in 1954 Pennsylvania Military College began enrolling African Americans. This digital exhibit highlights the first African American students who enrolled at PMC and how they shaped the development of  Widener University. 

This exhibit includes links to two Living History multi-part YouTube Videos:

Living History: Interview with Mr. Keith Bodden and Dr. Charles Lowrie -  Dr. Alonzo interview two of the earliest cadets of color to attend PMC, they discuss their lives and experiences at the school in this 8 part video.

Living History: Project Prepare - Dr. Alonzo Cavin discusses the program that he founded at PMC that helped lower income student receive the  support they needed to become successful college graduates in this 5 part video.

Featured Video: Living History: Interview with Mr. Keith Bodden and Dr. Charles Lowrie- Part 1- Growing Up

Featured Video:  Living History: Project Prepare- Part 1 - The Origins of Project Prepare