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Widener University Archives & Distinctive Collections



Image of Widener Cheerleaders, 1980s

What to Send to Us

The archives ensures safe keeping of all documents, both digital and physical. It is our mission and duty to collect and preserve all materials related to Widener's history. If you are a Widener employee and your department has any of the following materials, please donate them to the Archives. If you are a member of the community or an alumni see below for the types of materials we collect. Together we can preserve our institution's rich history!

All historical records, including the following:​

  • Campus-wide memoranda​
  • Records related to the organization and function of the various schools and colleges ​
  • School or college sponsored activity brochures ​
  • Speeches​
  • Records and minutes of various University committees​
  • Papers of retired or deceased faculty​
  • Faculty Publications​ Materials documenting student organizations, clubs and activities ​
  • Student literary magazines​
  • And More!​ ​

Note: When donating, we can make copies and send back originals​ if necessary. Please contact Jill Borin  -- -- or Kayla Van Osten -- -- with any questions. ​

Best Practices

When sending items to the Archives, keep in mind the following:

Print​ Materials

  • Clean print copies only – no stains, mildew or mold​
  • Include labels – Dates, department, people ​
  • Printed publications – 3 copies​ ​

Digital​ Materials

  • Digital files send via email – OR ​
  • Best file naming structure -- yyyy_mm_dd​
  • Include labels – Dates, department, people ​

When in doubt, send anyway. ​ More is more!​