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The Research Process

This guide presents the Research Process that uses Resources at Wolfgram Memorial Library.


Follow this six step process for research in any discipline:

  1. Identify and Develop your Topic  - Use books, journal articles and websites from your discipline to find interesting and relevant concepts that you want to explore further. Talk to professors to discover current issues and new research in your field. Consider the multiple perspectives on your topic.
  2. Search the Online Catalog (WebPAC) to Find Books and an eBook database to find eBooks on your Topic  - Use WebPAC, the Widener University Library to find books on your topic that are available in the library.  You can also search WebPAC for journal titles, videos, DVDs and CDs that the library owns.  Search Ebsco eBook Collection or eBook Central to find full text ebooks.
  3. Search Online Subscription Databases to Find Journal Articles on your Topic  - Use Wolfgram Library's Subscription Online Databases to find scholarly articles about your topic.  You can also obtain access to dissertations, book titles and Newspaper Articles from the databases.
  4. Find Full Text Journal Articles  - Use the Online Databases and other resources to obtain the full text of journal articles.
  5. Find and Evaluate Internet Resources on your Topic - Use the internet to find useful, authoritative web resources on your topic.  Evaluate each site that you find to ensure that the information in reliable and valid.
  6. Cite Your Sources - Create accurate and complete citations for each resource used in a research paper by using the citation style required by your professor.

Use the navigation tabs to explore each step.  Each tab includes Wolfgram Library research tips and additional resources related to each step.

Contact Reference Librarians for Help

Reference Librarians have expertise in different disciplines.  Contact the librarian for your discipline to ask questions or schedule a research appointment:

Jill Borin- History, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Archives, Nursing and Physical/Occupational Therapy

Adam Mizelle - Humanities, Social Sciences

Susan Tsiouris - Clinical Psychology, Undergraduate Psychology, Extended Learning, Business Administration, and Physical/Occupational Therapy

Kayla Van Osten - Communication Studies and Archives

Molly Wolf - Curriculum/Children's Literature, Education, Human Sexuality, Hospitality Management