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Zotero Tutorial

Step by step instructions for the use of Zotero citation management software.

Zotero Lingo

Zotero Standalone
Refers to the downloaded Zotero software on your computer.
Is the fully online version of Zotero (

Individual citations for books, journal articles,

Folder(s) that house your items.

Bibliographic information such as, item type, author, title, source URL, notes, tags, etc.

Zotero Groups

Create a Group

Zotero's Groups function allows you to create a library and share it with other Zotero users. Groups is a collaborative tool that allows members of the group to add to and edit a common library, making it possible to work together remotely and in real-time. interface, highlighting steps 1 through 3 as described above

  1. Go to the Zotero website and login.
  2. Select the Groups tab towards the top of the page.
  3. Click Create a New Group.

NOTE: If using the Zotero Standalone, clicking the new group icon create group icon from zotero  brings you to the zotero website.

  1. Name your group
  2. Choose the who will be able to view or join your group. In most cases, we recommend selecting Private group setting.
  3. Create Group interface, highlighting steps 4-6, as described above.

zotero website, highlighting steps 7, as described above.




  1.  Choose the remaining options for the group members.


Invite Members

Once you have created the group, you will need to invite your group members

  1. From the Members Settings tab, click Send More Invitations.
  2. Enter the email addresses for everyone you want to add to the group (separated with commas).
  3. Click Invite Members. interface, highlighting steps 1 through 3 for inviting group memebers, as described above

Each invited member will receive an email notification and may accept or decline the invitation. The group owner has the ability to remove people from their groups (this is done without notifying the removed party).