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Political Science & International Relations

This guide provides quick access to the best resources at WU for conducting research related to political science & international relations research

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Search Stratagies: Boolean Operators

Combine Search Terms

Article databases use more advanced search syntax than web search engines. Understanding how they are different can make it easier to manipulate your search results.  

Use the Advanced Search option within the database for best results.

AND narrows down your results because it only finds items that include both search terms as a keyword.

Example: college students AND risky behavior

OR expands your results because it finds items that include either one or both search terms as a keyword.

Example: climate change OR climate variability OR environmental impact

NOT makes your results more specific by excluding words that aren't relevant to your search.

Example: renewable energy NOT Solar

Combine each to create a detailed search for very specific resources

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The following reference works are shelved on the main floor of the Wolfgram Library.


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