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Widener University Faculty Authors 2019 - 2020

Commonwealth Law School

John C. Dernbach

Photo of John Dernbach

• Dernbach. J. C. (2020). Justice John Paul Stevens: An appreciation. Trends: ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, 51(3), 2-4.

• Dernbach. J. C. (2020, March 26). Court-ordered reductions of greenhouse gases? The Urgenda and Juliana decisions. Westlaw practitioner insights commentaries.

Michael R. Dimino

Photo of Michael Dimino

• Dimino, M. R. (2020) Let’s Be Reasonable: Thoughts on the fourth amendment and constitutional interpretation, Widener Commonwealth Law Review, 29(1), 1-10.

• Podgor, E. S., Copeland, K. B., Dimino, M. R. Sr., Robson, R., Verelli, L. J., III, Wright, A. M., & Yaroshefsky, E. C. (2019). The Mueller investigation and beyond. Carolina Academic Press.

Juliet M. Moringiello

Photo of Juliet Moringiello• Moringiello, J. M., Kim, N. S., & Ottaviani, J. E. (2020). Notice and assent through technological change: The enduring relevance of the work of the ABA Joint Working Group On Electronic Contracting Practices. The Business Lawyer, 75(2), 1725-1746.

Christopher J. Robinette

Photo of Christopher Robinette

• Robinette, C. J. (2019). Professor William Prosser.  In J. Goudkamp & D. Nolan (Eds.). Scholars of tort law, Hart Publishing.

• Robinette, C. J & Watchel, D. (2019). Raising compulsory automobile insurance minimum amounts: A case study from the United States, Insurance Review 4(59), 59-71.

Amanda Sholtis

Photo of Amanda Sholtis

• Sholtis, A. L. (2019). Say what?: A how-to guide to providing formative assessment to law students through live critique, Stetson Law Review,49(1), 1-38.