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What Even is Consent? An Investigation Into Educational and Media Presentations of Consent

Our work was focused on understanding why, after years of messaging, consent remains an ambiguous topic, and there are far too many rapes, sexual assaults, and coercive encounters. We believed that messaging received from media and social norms around sex

Sexual Violence in Teenage Lives: A Prevention Curriculum

Example of: Comprehensive

Lesson 2: Understanding Consent

  • "Consent is more than simply saying, "yes." It is worth examining the meaning of true consent as it pertains to touch, how you know if both partners are consenting and how each partner can contribute to the communication process that leads up to the touching. Exploring these issues can help students gain clarity about a basic right in every relationship: the right for both partners to touch and be touched in ways that each wants and chooses. True consent is a part of every nonviolent relationship."