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What Even is Consent? An Investigation Into Educational and Media Presentations of Consent

Our work was focused on understanding why, after years of messaging, consent remains an ambiguous topic, and there are far too many rapes, sexual assaults, and coercive encounters. We believed that messaging received from media and social norms around sex

Health Smart High School: Abstinence & Sexual Health

Example of: Abstinence

Lesson 4: Skills for Remaining Abstinent

  • "Use the word NO. It's important to say NO clearly. Don't laugh or try to explain. You have the right to say NO to things you don't want to do.

Activity 2: Resisting Pressure

  • You've learned some ways to avoid situations that might threaten your choice to be abstinent. However, there may be a time when you find yourself in a situation when someone is pressuring you to have sex. It's important to think about and practice what you can say to protect your abstinence choice.