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Modern Sexual Cultures: Early 20th-Century Pamphlets

An annotated guide focusing on early 20th-century memoirs, marriage and hygiene manuals, and other sexological texts.

Your Sex Life (1940)

This pamphlet argues that sex education should begin at an early age, as soon as children start asking questions. Advocates for sex education claimed that early education would benefit men and women later in life, particularly in marriage. Sex was still a taboo subject, and the perceived lack of knowledge that men and women brought to heterosexual marriage was regarded as a widespread problem.  The author is in favor of safe birth control practices and educating people on their options for birth control. Laws on distributing information regarding birth control and sex education in pamphlets such as this one were restrictive at this time, regulated by the same laws which governed the dissemination of obscene materials, namely the Comstock Act of 1873.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Abortion, Venereal Diseases, Prostitution, Sex Trafficking

Your Sex Life

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