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Modern Sexual Cultures: Early 20th-Century Pamphlets

An annotated guide focusing on early 20th-century memoirs, marriage and hygiene manuals, and other sexological texts.

Talks to Young Men on Sexual Physiology (1898)

A written transcript of four lectures given to young men concerning sexual health and hygiene forms the text of this pamphlet. The author implores parents to talk to their children more directly about sex and sexual health. Stories about the stork dropping them off to their parents are not helpful. Because these talks are intended for young men, there isn’t much information about women for women. However, a section under the fourth lecture discusses female sexuality regarding marriage. Some women may not be ready for children and should have a say in when they get pregnant and how many children they have. The author summarizes his lecture by restating his main points, one of which encourages the understanding of sexual organs, an understanding in tension with a cultural imperative towards “purity.”

Keywords: Religion, Marriage, Venereal Disease, Lectures

Talks to Young Men on Sexual Physiology

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