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Modern Sexual Cultures: Early 20th-Century Pamphlets

An annotated guide focusing on early 20th-century memoirs, marriage and hygiene manuals, and other sexological texts.

Rejuvenation (1937)

A transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Harry Benjamin to the Sex Education Society of London forms the text of this pamphlet. This lecture contains information regarding “rejuvenation” or “reactivation” as Dr. Benjamin prefers. Rejuvenation is usually associated with facials and massages, but in this case, it’s about changing the hormonal makeup of men to give them a better quality of life. This is done through vasoligation, where one or both vas deferens are cut, preventing sperm from discharging. Similar procedures are being performed on women, but there is no mention of what these procedures entail.

Keywords: Sexual Health, Rejuvination, Pseudoscience, Radiation


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