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Special Topics in Health Science

Current & foundational resources on topics of interest to the study of health.

Special Topics in Health Science

Health Science is the application of science to the field of health - this encompasses a wide variety of disciplines that study all aspects of medicine, disease, and healthcare. 1

There are two parts to health science:

  • The study, research, and knowledge of health
  • The application of that knowledge to improve health, cure diseases, and understand the functions of the human body 2

This guide is designed to highlight topics that impact health science and health science practitioners.  Whether you are conducting research or working in a clinical setting, the resources linked in these sub-pages provide foundational information and current evidence organized by area of interest.  If there is a gap in our collection, or a topic that you think should be included, please contact Kristina Dorsett, the health sciences librarian, using her profile box on this page or her email (

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