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Library Tips & Tricks for Graduate & Doctoral Students

Information about library services and resources to meet the unique needs of graduate and doctoral students.

Google vs. Google Scholar vs. Library Databases Header

Google vs. Google Scholar vs. Library Databases

Google, Google Scholar, and the Library's Databases can all be useful in research.  As with all tools, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these tools and knowing what they are can help you determine which one is right for you.

Google vs. Google Scholar vs. Library Databases

Connect Google Scholar to Widener's Databases

  • Go to
  • From the dropdown menu on the upper left side (it looks like 3 little lines), select Settings (this will open a new window)
  • Click the Library Links tab
  • Search for Widener University
  • Check the box to select Widener University - Get Full-Text @Widener and Widener University – ProQuest Fulltext (You will see that the Open WorldCat-Library Search has been pre-selected)
  • Save changes

Now in your search resulted you will see a Get Full-Text @ Widener link if the full text is available through our resources.


Google Scholar search results with "Get Full Text @ Widener" link circled.