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Criminal Justice

This guide provides quick access to the best resources at WU for conducting research related to criminal justice studies.

Nancy Hirschinger Blank PhD

Hirschinger-Blank, N., Forke, C. M., Kenyon, A., Myers, R. K., Zhang, X., & Schwarz, D. F. (2014). Feasibility of Conducting Child Abuse Research with Girls in Juvenile Detention Using Audio-Computer Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) Technology. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 25(2), 210–235. Retrieved from

Hirschinger-Blank, N., Simons, L., Finley, L., Clearly, J., & Thoerig, M. (2013). A Pilot Study of a Criminal Justice Service-Learning Course: The Value of a Multicultural Approach. International Journal Of Teaching And Learning In Higher Education, 25(1), 14-28. Retrieved from

Hirschinger-Blank, N. B., Simons, L., & Kenyon, A. (2009). An Evaluation of a Service-Learning Model for Criminal Justice Undergraduate Students. Journal Of Experiential Education, 32(1), 61-78. Retrieved from

William E. Harver PhD

Kortsarts, Y., & Harver, W.E. (2007). Introduction to computer forensics for non-majors. In The Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference 2007, v 24 (Pittsburgh): §3142. ISSN: 1542-7382. Retrieved from

Harver, W.E. (2005). Doing the right thing: Continuing the measurement of police integrity. National Social Science Journal, 24(2).

Markowitz, M.W., & Harver, W.E. (2003). Public sentiment on the death penalty: Do race, gender, age, & state of mind matter?. National Social Science Journal, 21(1), 64–77.

Shana L. Maier PhD

Maier, S. L., Mannes, S., & Koppenhofer, E. L. (2017). The Implications of Marijuana Decriminalization and Legalization on Crime in the United States. Contemporary Drug Problems, 44(2), 125-146. doi:10.1177/0091450917708790 

Maier, S. L. (2014). Rape, Victims, and Investigations: Experiences and Perceptions of Law Enforcement Officers Responding to Reported Rapes. New York, NY: Routledge. Check availability in Library Catalog

Maier, S. L. (2013). Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners' Perceptions of the Influence of Race and Ethnicity on Victims' Responses to Rape. Feminist Criminology, 8(2), 67-86. doi:10.1177/1557085112454190

Maier, S. L. (2012). The Complexity of Victim-Questioning Attitudes by Rape Victim Advocates: Exploring Some Gray Areas. Violence Against Women, 18(12), 1413-1434. doi:10.1177/1077801212474432


More publications from Shana L. Maier PhD

Sarah C. Nicksa PhD

Corey, M., Troisi, J. D., & Nicksa, S. C. (2015). Tipping the Scales of Justice: The Influence of Victimization on Belief in a Just World. Social Justice Research, 28(4), 509-525. doi:10.1007/s11211-015-0252-8

Corey, M., Troisi, J. D., & Nicksa, S. C. (2015). Belief in a Just World Scale. Psyctests, doi:10.1037/t59692-000 

Nicksa, S. C. (2013). Bystander’s Willingness to Report Theft, Physical Assault, and Sexual Assault: The Impact of Gender, Anonymity, and Relationship With the Offender. Journal Of Interpersonal Violence, 28(1), 217-236. doi:10.1177/0886260513505146

Lisak, D., Gardinier, L., Nicksa, S. C., & Cote, A. M. (2010). False Allegations of Sexual Assault: An Analysis of Ten Years of Reported Cases. Violence Against Women, 16(12), 1318-1334. doi:10.1177/1077801210387747


Lauren O. Shermer PhD

Shermer, L. O., &  Sudo, H.(2017). Fear of Rape from Behind Prison Walls. International Journal Of Prisoner Health, 13(2), 68-80. doi:10.1108/IJPH-07-2016-0032

Shermer, L. O., Bierie, D. M., & Stock, A. (2013). Endogeneity in Prison Risk Classification. International Journal Of Offender Therapy And Comparative Criminology, 57(10), 1248-1274. doi:10.1177/0306624X12452404

Shermer, L.O., Rose, K.C., & Hoffman, A. (2011). Perceptions and Credibility: Understanding the Nuances of Eyewitness Testimony. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 27(2), 183–203. Retrieved from

Shermer, L. O., & Johnson, B. D. (2010). Criminal Prosecutions: Examining Prosecutorial Discretion and Charge Reductions in U.S. Federal District Courts, Justice Quarterly, (3), 394. Retrieved from