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Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Black LIves Matter, We're All in this together, no justice no peace protesters

This guide is intended to provide access to a variety of resources about discrimination, social justice, anti-oppression, anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion. There are freely accessible resources, as well as resources accessible through the Wolfgram Library. For these, you will need to login with your Widener login ID and password. As a living resource, the contents are not exhaustive nor complete. We will continue to add to the guide on a regular basis. 

Message from the President

Dear Members of the Widener Community,

We’re all Widener. These words are a touchstone for our campus community. They guide our interactions; they embody an ethos of respect, compassion and advocacy when we see a breakdown in civility and community standards; they to give voice to our commitment to a caring welcome for all. 

Words are difficult to summon when our hearts are breaking at the toxic results of discrimination, polarization, and historic inequities.  Yet, recent events-- a series of horrific racist incidents and senseless deaths, on top of healthcare disparities laid brutally bare by the pandemic-- make it clear that our university’s touchstone words are important across our country now more than ever.

Our anger and anguish over injustice points to what needs to be done.  We must listen to those who are not heard. We must use our voices to demand compassion and justice. We must move from sadness and shock about what is occurring to act, as individuals and as a society, to make change. 

We must act as advocates and change-makers to represent the ethos of We’re all Widener, not just within our campus community but well beyond it.

To that end, we are planning a virtual event to come together and share thoughts and ideas for what we can do as individuals and as a campus.  We have worked to create a campus environment that welcomes candid, challenging conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion, through dialogues like Common Ground and DiversiTeas, among others.  Please watch for information on an upcoming event, building on these frank conversations, from Chief Diversity Officer, Micki Davis.  We hope you will participate.

Together in the spirit of compassion and unity,

Julie E. Wollman, PhD