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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

An introduction to sharable, free, remixable textbooks, modules, and other resources

How to Find OERs from Open Oregon

Finding OERs

Subject Specific OERs

Each librarian lists up-to-date subject specific OERs in each library subject guide. You can find more OERs related to your subject through the following steps.

1. Visit our list of subject guides

You can find the library's list of subject guides in several ways. First, you can visit our subject guides or select the list of guides at the end of this tutorial. Alternatively, you can visit the Wolfgram Memorial Library's website. Then, scroll down until you find the "Additional Resources & Research Tools" boxes. The Subject Guides box is at the right hand side of the top row as shown below.

The Additional Resources section of the Wolfgram Memorial Library website. A red arrow points to the subject guide box on the right.

2. Select or search your subject

Many subjects have several guides related to the subject matter. Select the subject that most closely resembles what you are looking for or use the subject bar at the top of the page. Once you have found your subject, select a guide of interest.

3. Visit the OER tab of the guide

Each subject guide has several tabs on the left hand side to navigate the guide. The vast majority of library subject guides have a tab dedicated to Open Educational Resources (OER) for that subject. It usually one of the middle or lower tabs as shown below.

A screenshot of the Biology subject guide. A red arrow points to the OER tab.

4. Browse the list of OERs

You can now find a list of different kinds of OERs for your subject. If you do not see an OER that you feel should be on there or you do not see an OER tab for your subject guide, you can contact the librarian associated with the subject guide. You can find their information on the "Start Here" tab on the left hand side of each guide below the list of tabs.