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InterLibrary Loan

Search Results

Once you conduct a search, you will see your search results. Once you found the book you want to request, simply click Request.

EzBorrow Search results page

Request Book

  1. Once you click on the Request button, a login page will open. 
  2. Using the Home Institution drop down, select Widener University. 
  3. Then click Submit.
  4. NOTE: Once you click Submit, your search results will appear again. Click on Request again and it will take you to the next step.

EzBorrow login page with Widener University selected from the drop down 


  1. A Confirm Request box will open. 
    • The Pick Up Location will state M Circulating. This just means the book will be sent to our library. You will pick up the book at the Information Desk. 
    • There is an option to add the Date Needed By. Fill out if necessary.
  2. Click on Confirm Request. A box will appear that confirms the request was sent.

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email for the request. Once the books is available, you will receive another email stating to pick it up from the Information Desk.

EzBorrow Confirm Request form and Request Sent notification