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*How To Find Resources

This LibGuide contains step by step instructions for the most common actions researchers seek help with.

Finding Journal Titles in the Library Catalog (WebPAC)

The WebPAC online library catalog will indicate if the library:

  • Only owns the print version of a journal
  • Owns the print version of the journal and provides electronic access as well. Note: The library may own the print version of a journal for a specific span of years and then offer only electronic coverage.

IMPORTANT: Always check the publication date for the article that you need.

From the Library’s Homepage, select Search for Books.

  1. In the drop-down menu choose Journal Title
  2. Enter the Journal Title
  3. Conduct your Search

Journal Item Record from the WebPAC

example journal item record from webpac

In this example we are searching for the following article:

  • Austin, T., & Fraser-Abder, P. (1995). Mentoring mathematics and science preservice teachers for urban bilingual classrooms. Education and Urban Society, 28 (1), 67-89.

The item record indicates that the library has journal volumes from 1972 to 1998 in print and everything with a publication date after 1999 is available online (When a publication's year is followed by an open dash (ex: 1998 - ), it means that the library has access to current issues).

The article we are looking for was published in 1995, so we will find the article in the print journals on the ground floor, in the serials collection.

For the second example, we are searching for the following article:

  • LoCascio, S. J., Smeaton, P. S., & Waters, F. H. (2016). How induction programs affect the decision of alternate route urban teachers to remain teaching. Education and Urban Society, 48 (2), 103-125.

The publication date for this article is more recent, the journals item record indicates that everything published after 1998 is only available online. Click on the "Connect to ejournal via publisher's website..." link to view the article online.

When you land on the vendors website, browse for the full text article using the information (Year, Volume, Issue, etc.) from the article citation.