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Cooking & Cookbooks

This guide provides information on the Wolfgram Library cookbook collection.

Cooking & Cookbooks Guide

Welcome to the cooking & cookbooks guide! 

Are you looking for a new recipe or longing for a dish from home?  This guide is designed to highlight Wolfgram's cookbook collection.  Use the tabs to navigate our collection by topic.

  • American Cuisine: this page includes popular and regional recipes from the United States.
  • International Cuisine: this page has a variety of cookbook recommendations arranged by culture, including Latin American, Asian, and Jewish recipes.
  • Vegetarian: this page contains books on vegetarianism and veganism, including books on vegan substitutions and international plant-based recipes.
  • Baking: if cooking is an art - baking is a science!  This page has general information about baking and contains recipes for bread making, cake decorating, and sweet treats.
  • Special Topics: this page has information and books from our catalog on special topics such as meal planning and food safety.

A Message About Disordered Eating

Eating disorders (EDs) are serious medical illnesses that can affect people of all ages and identities.  Research has found that EDs have less to do with food and more to do with managing stress and a need for control.  Symptoms of EDs are not dependent on physical appearance.  Some of the most common symptoms are being obsessed with food, eating unusually small or large amounts of food, or experiencing major changes around your diet.

If you are concerned about your relationship with food, you can learn more from the National Institute of Mental Health on their Eating Disorders webpage.

Digital Cooking Tips & Tutorials

Food History Links