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Widener University Art Gallery Collection

This guide provides biographical sketches of the 19th and 20th century American and European artists featured in the Alred Deshong permanent collection. It also contains information about the Alfred O. Deshong Collection.

Widener University Art Gallery Collection

Alfred O. Deshong Bust

Bronze Bust of Alfred 0. Deshong, 1916

By: Samuel Murray (American 1869-1941)
Widener University, Alfred 0. Deshong Collection

The Widener University Art Collection and Alfred O. Deshong Collection, include works by 19th and 20th Century American and European painters.  The Alfred O. Deshong collection also includes 18th and 19th Century Asian art. Previously displayed in the Art Gallery, the collections will be displayed in an new space soon.

Biographical Sketches of Artists

The biographical sketches featured here include all the biographical information that the art gallery has collected about the artists in the permanent collection.  It does not provide sketches of all the artists in the collection, mainly covering the American and European artists of paintings.  (There are no biographical sketches of the artists of the Asian Art objects from the Alfred O. Deshong Collection.  Some explanations of these works are provided in the Alfred O. Deshong Collection Catalog above).

Selected Sketches of Artists

Achenbach, Andreas

Adan, Louis Emile (1839-1937)

Armstrong, David (1947-1999)

Ashley, Clifford Warren (1881-1947)

Bellows, Alfred F.

Biard, Francios Auguste (1798-1882)

Bookbinder, Jack

Boutelle, DeWitt

Brandt, Josef

Butler, Mary (1865-1946)

Castiglione, Guiseppe

Cermak, Jaroslav

Chierici, Gaetano (1838-1920)

Churchill, William Worchester (1858-1926)

Clairin, Georges-Jules-Victor (1843-1919)

Cornoyer, Paul (1864-1923)

Davis, Charles Harold (1856-1933)

DeHaas, J .H. L.

Dioda, Adolph (1915-1991)

Dunn Weiss, Mili

Ewing, William O.

Farley, Richard Blossom (1876-1954)

Florczak, Robert

Gerard, Theodore

Gross, Chaim

Grundmann, Otto

Hoguet, Charles (1821-1870)

Icart, Louis (1888-1950)

Inness, George (1825-1894)

Jocomin, Alfred-Loius

Kainz, Daniel

Kaplan, Edith (1920-1996)

Kendall, William Sergeant (1869-1938)

Knight, Daniel Ridgeway (1839-1924)

Koekkek, Bernard Cornelius (1803-1862)

Konopka, Joseph

LeRoux, Hector C.

Lie, Jonas (1880-1940)

Lincoln, Charles E.

Lipman-Wulf, Peter

Moreau, Adrien

Murray, Samuel Aloysious (1869-1912)

Nicholson, George Washington (1832-1912)

Noyes, Charles Loftus (1864-1954)

Pasini, Alberto (1826-1899)

Piltz, Otto (1846-1910)

Pitz, Henry Clarence (1895-1976)

Pratere, Edmund

Preyer, Johann Wilhelm (1803-1889)

Redfield, Edward Willis

Rhoads, Eugenia Eckford (1901-1995)

Robie, Jean-Baptiste

Salmson, Hugo

Schelfhout, Andreas (1787-1870)

Schlesinger, Henri Guillaume

Sisko, Paul

Spencer, Lilly Martin (1822-1906)

Spencer, Robert (1879-1931)

Stevens, Joseph

Stuart, Alexander Charles (1831-1898)

Taylor, H. Weston (1881-1978)

Trickler, Florence

Unterberger, Franz Richard (1838-1902)

Verboeckhoven, Eugene Joseph

Verschurr, Wouter (1812-1874)

Vinea, Francesco (1845-1902)

Watson, James Dawson (1832-1902)

Wilson, Eleanor Delaney 'Siddy'

Woodbridge, Louise Deshong (1848-1925)

Woodbury, Charles (1864-1940)

Wopfner, Joseph (1843-1927)

Worms, Jules (1832-1924)

Wyeth, Newell Convers (1882-1945)