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Stock information & definitions

Bear and Bull statues on Wall Street

Researching stock information you have access to many business resources including important international newspapers, business databases, and relevant websites.

Finance Lab in the Widener School of Business

The Widener University School of Business Administration has opened a state-of-the-art learning environment for students interested in wealth management. The new Finance Lab (located in the School of Business) features the same technology used by financial planners and investors. Students use the space for coursework, individual study and to manage the Money Club’sStudent Managed Investment Fund.

Twelve computer stations are equipped with the Bloomberg Professional service, a platform delivering real-time data, news and analytics relevant for financial service professionals. Using this platform, students can experience the speed of the financial market and understand market concepts and behaviors by creating and managing mock portfolios.

Students and Dean Ghosh at computer terminals in the Finance lab

All business students can access the Finance Lab to complete the 8-hour Bloomberg Market Concepts course, which provides a visual introduction to the financial markets using Bloomberg data, indices, analytics and news stories. Students receive a certificate after completing the program that they can then add to their resume.